Unicorns part2

So i found this picture..

Weird.. 🙂 maybe everything is true.. depending on how you look at it and who looks at it. Some might look and see nothing and that would also be true

Also this picture..

They both are true.. and i am looking at them and see them both :)) plus their point of view. Maybe it’s a matter of what you choose.. so bottom line would be everything is false and true in the same time 😀

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Title of the day

Ok..i try again. Maybe i can repair today and today’s post. Let’s do it..

……………. starting any minute now…. hmm, what abt happy memories? Which are the best? Those when everything went according to plan or those when plan went wrong? We are all different.. or so they say.. in which way different? 😀

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Not important

I would write something today.. but i have no idea what to write 🙂 sometimes it’s hard.. you get no ideas.. so must write things like this 😀 writing stuff like this is also writing, right? So i’m good.. i write and maybe someone reads. I should write a story, but not good at stories. If no clouds you might see the stars

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