Questions .. no answers

Blog of nothing here.. no answers ever found.. but, how did love become so twisted that 2 people can’t ever be honest about their state of being? And they only explode when they can’t do anything else.. hurtful.. why not repair while they can and not get there? Everything seems unreal if you ask me.. no logic in anything.. not even between 2 persons 🙂

So.. dancing is dancing, no matter you call it. I have my own dance it seems

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Author: awexa

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2 thoughts on “Questions .. no answers”

  1. Hey don’t if u still here from the looks of it you’ve given up on the blog awexa, Wich is not necessarily a bad thing maybe you’re doing something else now, but as long as it makes you happy keep doing it, you’re a great person awexa and you deserve the best.

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