Worry not

Anything you say can and will be used against you! Ha.. ok.. so better think before you speak or.. it doesn’t matter cause it can be twisted anyway 😀 maybe better not to speak at all.. you have the right to remain silent! :)) which one is it? Bitte please help merci.. no understand 🙄 maybe it applies everyday..

Sunny day.. doing some painting 😀 please see.. 🙂

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Sleeeeping…. zzZz

Someone told me that by reading my posts the brain froze and couldn’t find anything to comment :))))

💡 ➡ Today is present, tomorrow future and yesterday memory/past. Live in the present.. or so they say 😀 so what does that mean? To think about today only? But..later today is future too.. present changes and we can’t even say this is present..because it changes too fast. Hmm.. also, past is what gave you experience.. no thinking about it? Or no dreaming of the future? I’m confused again 🙄

I also heard this.. Wise men talk when they have something to say, idiots when they have to say something. Which one am i?:)))))

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Keeping score

So.. competition.. what is this abt? A bunch of people wanting the same thing and fighting for it i guess.. football stuff.. how does it feel to win? What do you win? In sports they call the stuff trophies..medals.. and then what? Look at it and feel proud? Not sure yet how this works.. fireworks.. 😆 i’m really confused here

Tomorrow i know better 🙂

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Blog on the loose

Did you ever hear “follow your dreams”? What does that even mean? I guess it’s not wake up in the morning and follow the dream you had over the night.. like you received tasks. Or the dream walks and you follow :)))) funny.. but anyway, i was thinking if i know any person doing that. Or maybe you are following your dream without knowing it. How do you know for sure when it’s the dream?:)))) or does the dream change? Maybe you need to sleep more to dream more :))) this makes no sense.. but it’s funny

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Dear brothers and sisters.. let’s take this moment to think… ermm.. meditate? 🙄 btw, is thinking the same to meditating or the opposite? I should think about that :)) anyway.. let’s find the answer to something and move on 🙂

I’m not sure if this is song is supposed to say how great is in paradise.. or the guy is doing some happy singing in hell saying that it must be nice in paradise 🙄 the colors don’t look like paradise, or the new trend is flames colors. Or maybe is gold.. gold is paradise? Golden? Who can make some light?

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Is this song true? Hmm.. not sure… 🙄 what do we want anyway? Does it change? Do we ever want what we already have? Is it enough? Or maybe it’s never enough until you find what is.. 🙂

If you think about it.. a person is not seen the same by everybody. So what is that person really like? Does it matter what the person is like or what the person is to you? :))) humans..you can never tell 😀

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