Blue and yellow

I realized something.. i can talk all day about anything or nothing and still find meaning in it. Maybe that’s what artists do.. they create something without thinking and people keep trying to figure out what the artists wanted to “say” 🙄 what would be the point of art if the artist made instruction for his creation? Like.. see this!

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And another brilliant idea of mine.. see below ➡

So.. when you say ok what do you mean? It’s not exactly you say yes or no.. or agree.. even tho at first glace it might seem so 🙄 so you say ok like a confirmation that you heard? And you think about it later or never? 😀

What is the meaning of this!?! 🙂

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Wooords.. hmm.. woooooords… why do we have more words for the same thing? 🙄 also, more things for the same word? 🙄 and if we mix them we might get something new? 🙄 and again.. if we say something’you are very nice’ we could use it in sarcastic mode 🙄 veeeeery nice.. or i could say it short like i hit you in the head with it.. very nice! :))) is nice and something is keeping me from writing 🙄 what is it?

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