Blue and yellow

I realized something.. i can talk all day about anything or nothing and still find meaning in it. Maybe that’s what artists do.. they create something without thinking and people keep trying to figure out what the artists wanted to “say” 🙄 what would be the point of art if the artist made instruction for his creation? Like.. see this!

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Unicorns part2

So i found this picture..

Weird.. 🙂 maybe everything is true.. depending on how you look at it and who looks at it. Some might look and see nothing and that would also be true

Also this picture..

They both are true.. and i am looking at them and see them both :)) plus their point of view. Maybe it’s a matter of what you choose.. so bottom line would be everything is false and true in the same time 😀

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Not important

I would write something today.. but i have no idea what to write 🙂 sometimes it’s hard.. you get no ideas.. so must write things like this 😀 writing stuff like this is also writing, right? So i’m good.. i write and maybe someone reads. I should write a story, but not good at stories. If no clouds you might see the stars

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The head

Think outside the box.. the box would be the head? Should i step outside my head to think? 😆

ok.. lots of people use it and it’s something like i’m doing now.. but.. you can easily read and think is crazy talk.. Especially when you don’t understand. So how exactly does this thinking outside the box work? Maybe someone who knows better can explain it to me.. waiting 🙄

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And the winner is..

Today i’m going tu buy a purse, put it on my shoulder and dance around the house with it 😀 how cool am i? Supreme fun :)))) i found the perfect song for it too.. i hope i won’t break my two left feet while doing it..

Don’t try this at home.. dangerous! 🙂 and you might see stars 🙄 meeeh

Yes.. i have nothing better to do.. 🙂

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Don’t mind me

I was playing this game today on my phone.. survive on an island and build from nohing something.. but good thing that you get coins and buy buildings :))))))) it really helps.. otherwise they would not survive on that island! *happy dance* and the stuff that got lost on sea.. got on the island sand in a pretty box. Someone took care of keeping them safe :)))) me like it ❗

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Ok.. going back to “think on the long term”.. what is the time frame for that? If you go far enough we all get to the same result.. no matter what we do.. and if you combine that with “best today, not tomorrow” .. 😐 not nice. Better not to bother with the wise lyrics or whatever they want to be 😀 they don’t mix good

Even better..let’s all follow the same rules and grow up like trees .. be the best forest. We won’t have the same branches.. but hey.. what’s fair?

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