Wooords.. hmm.. woooooords… why do we have more words for the same thing? 🙄 also, more things for the same word? 🙄 and if we mix them we might get something new? 🙄 and again.. if we say something simple..like..’you are very nice’ we could use it in sarcastic mode 🙄 veeeeery nice.. or i could say it short like i hit you in the head with it.. very nice! :)))

But..today is nice and something is keeping me from writing 🙄 what is it?

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The head

Think outside the box.. the box would be the head? Should i step outside my head to think? 😆

ok.. lots of people use it and it’s something like i’m doing now.. but.. you can easily read and think is crazy talk.. Especially when you don’t understand. So how exactly does this thinking outside the box work? Maybe someone who knows better can explain it to me.. waiting 🙄

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Keeping score

So.. competition.. what is this abt? A bunch of people wanting the same thing and fighting for it i guess.. football stuff.. how does it feel to win? What do you win? In sports they call the stuff trophies..medals.. and then what? Look at it and feel proud? Not sure yet how this works.. fireworks.. 😆 i’m really confused here

Tomorrow i know better 🙂

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