So.. was thinking.. possibilities are too many. Good or bad? Not sure.. but, there is a possibility that possibilities are possible 😀 so.. apply the rule to flip a coin when you have too many and don’t know what to pick. It should work :)) don’t forget to blame the coin for the result :))

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Blue and yellow

I realized something.. i can talk all day about anything or nothing and still find meaning in it. Maybe that’s what artists do.. they create something without thinking and people keep trying to figure out what the artists wanted to “say” 🙄 what would be the point of art if the artist made instruction for his creation? Like.. see this!

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Not again..

What reason do you have for doing something? 🙄 the reason would be the motivation.. even if stupid reason :))

But “they say” that if you don’t like something, you can change it or change how you feel about it. That applies to bad things too.. if you can do that, what would be the point of trying to change anything..? can you feel good in any situation? 😀 and what would happen if everyone felt good in the situation they are all the time?

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