Not again..

What reason do you have for doing something? 🙄 the reason would be the motivation.. even if stupid reason :))

But “they say” that if you don’t like something, you can change it or change how you feel about it. That applies to bad things too.. if you can do that, what would be the point of trying to change anything..? can you feel good in any situation? 😀 and what would happen if everyone felt good in the situation they are all the time?

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News of info

Did you ever try to learn something and you couldn’t? Or learn something without wanting to? Or try hard to learn and did.. maybe..but now you can’t even remember what/how it was? Why do we learn so many things we don’t even use?

Did you know? We talk to talk 😀 and someone is sitting on the teddy bear 🙄 get the person off or not?

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The box inside the box!

Did you ever dream something you liked and, let’s say, think in dream to enjoy it while you dream, cause after you wake up? Or… dream that you dream..? The dream inside the dream :)) or…. dream something nice..wake up..and try go back to sleep to see how the dream continues.. and it does..?how does that work?:))

Also.. the feelings in the dreams.. 🙄

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Mmm no.

Madness.. yes.. anything or anyone you don’t understand is madness..? This writing is madness! Is madness to do that.. madness to think that.. do like me :)) yes yes. Madness on a roll!

I do like short posts 🙂 🙂 🙂

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