From time to time, you find something “different” to watch, right? That’s what i did 🙂 and it was saying “you are not who you think you are”

Good. That really got me thinking! So who am i? If i think about it really hard and figure it out.. will i be who i think i am or still be something different from what i think i am? 😳

Mystery solved! Case closed! 🙂

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What do you think about when you say zombie? A lazy.. slow.. creepy.. thing that looks like a human.. that likes to eat brains. Is it because it has none? It doesn’t look like it’s working for “it” 🙄

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Music is the way to go..

Just another day.. just another post.. is this the best version of me? *dance*

By the power vested in me i declare this blog stupid! 🙂

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What is chaos? Can we control chaos? Is chaos what we really call chaos? Or is chaos another form of control, that has so many rules going so fast..that you don’t have time to understand it when it’s happening, you can only react as you see fit in that moment.. aaannd try to understand what happened after it’s done. 😕

xoxo KOs

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Be the best version of you!

I saw this somewhere.. “Be the best version of you” by whose standards? Your own? 😆 What if your standards turn you into your worst version? Would you still call it your best version? Confusing 😳

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hmm.. goes nothing 🙂

Do a blog..eeeaassyyy.. anyone can do it, right? 😎

Now write your 1st post

Write about what? 😐

Why don’t we use some music instead..maybe this will work

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